A Vision of K-12 Students Today

Jason Posted by Jason on November 15, 2010


2 Responses to “A Vision of K-12 Students Today”

  1. Lawrence Williams Lawrence Williams says:

    There has been an interesting recent debate on MirandaNet about where education is going, and we will all be looking at the new white paper about teacher education with great interest, later today! So this video is extremely timely.

    The person to see this video is, of course, Michael Gove, for whom education seems to me to be:

    a. rote-learning by students, and

    b. formulaic teaching styles that any adult can easily pick up, following their Army training……

    Or am I being unfair?

  2. Julie says:

    I think it is all good and well encouraging students to use technology to learn and think but we are also becoming a society that is obese, which could be because we use technology to communicate and amuse ourselves instead of exercising and participating actively in our world. Literacy levels are dropping, the number of illiterate teenagers is increasing and the violence is increasing, is this down to technology – media, video games etc. I think we must get the balance right.

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