Picture This: Speeding at 8mph

Jason Posted by Jason on January 28, 2011

On January 28, 1896, Walter Arnold of Kent was the first British motorist to receive a speeding fine for exceeding the legal limit of 2mph in a built-up area. Walter Arnold was driving at 8mph when he passed the house of the local policeman who then proceeded to give chase on his bicycle.  After a 5 mile chase, Arnold was eventually arrested and fined one shilling for the offence.

Credit: Corbis Images

Teaching Activity

Open up a discussion with your class. Ask your student’s what their views are on speeding motorists? Why do people speed? How should they be punished? Why do speed limits exist? Is it ever acceptable to break the speed limit?

Learner Outcomes

Road safety, citizenship, understanding of the importance of laws

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One Response to “Picture This: Speeding at 8mph”

  1. Julie Cogill says:

    There are also great opportunities for linking maths to this activity. The Highway Code shows tables linking the speed a car is travelling to stopping distance which gives a good use of ‘real maths’ for graph work and algebra.

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