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Win a £50 Amazon Gift Card in Our GGfL Caption Competition
September 16, 2010


The Odd Penguin Out - Corbis

The odd penguin out (from the Corbis Collection in GGfL)

Below are the top five captions from last month’s competition. Congratulations to Chris, who takes away the prize of a £50 Amazon Gift Card.

1. “I hate being given the cold shoulder”

Chris Bell

2. “Will you stop moaning? Of course your feet are cold.”

Valerie Ganne

3.You might still have that job with the television company, Pingu, if only you’d learnt to speak properly”

Rob Falconer

4. “So… if he knocks us all down this time does he get a spare?”

Ian Hamilton

5.We are going to continue to protest and get cold bums until they give us our classroom back.”

Hazel Anna Rigazio

[Full rules can be seen here]