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My Personal Background and Some Teaching and Learning Projects
September 7, 2010

It’s always helpful to know a little about who is writing contributions and what their interests are, so here is a brief introduction of myself.

I am on the cusp of retiring from almost forty years of secondary level teaching, mostly at comprehensive schools in south London.  I have been variously, a Head of English, a Head of ICT, and a Head of Music, ending as Assistant Head Teacher, and Head of Creative Development at The Holy Cross School, in New Malden (Kingston-upon-Thames).  This rather grand job title has meant that I have been able to develop a wide range of new ways of teaching and learning, using ICT tools, as well as engaging in the day to day teaching of an unusually large number of secondary school subjects: English language and literature, Music, ICT, Drama, Dance, Geography, Technology, Business Studies, Latin, and Mandarin.

I have been very fortunate that this work has brought me many awards, the most pleasing being a National Teaching Award (a Guardian Award for the Most Creative Use of ICT in Secondary Schools), and “Achievement in Schools” (at Buckingham Palace).  The work of my students has appeared on TV programmes made by the BBC (Blue Peter: Japan Special); Anglia TV (Connect: ICT on TV); NHK, Japan (twice in their Media and Education series); EBS, Korea (the Educational Use of ICT in the UK); and on Macedonian national and cable TV.

As a result of the international drama, “Kabuki Gift”, performed by a video-conferencing link simultaneously in London and Osaka, classroom drama has now become an additional secondary school curriculum subject in Japan.  And our cross-curricular approach to using ICT tools for teaching and learning forms the basis of ICT teaching in Poland. So, I think I have earned my impending “retirement”….

Over the last twenty years, I have been most interested in using ICT tools to create:

  • cross-curricular links, through projects like The Light Project and other topics
  • video-conferencing links with NASA space scientists, through my “Science Through Arts” (STAR) project. Scroll down for a picture sequence.
  • links with Japan and Taiwan (Click on “English Enter) through music, dance and drama
  • and, more recently, community cohesion projects, working with our local NHS, Social Services, and FE colleagues

I have lectured widely on these topics, in the UK and abroad, and I plan through this blog to continue sharing some of these new ways of working, over the coming months.

Become a Guest Blogger for Global Grid for Learning
August 10, 2010

GGfL Globe

If you don’t already know, Global Grid for Learning (GGfL) connects teachers and students at all stages in education to a network of over 40 international providers of high quality educational resources.

Now we want to connect teachers to a global community of fellow educators so that they can share their knowledge and expertise with one another. And we would like you to be a part of it.

Blogging Benefits

GGfL is looking for guest bloggers for our community blog. Whilst we provide over one million educational resources, we would like YOU to provide the advice and guidance on how these resources might best be used for teaching.

If you’re what we’re looking for, you could end up benefiting from the following:

  • A global platform to share your thoughts and expertise
  • Mutual links back to your own blog
  • Opportunity to establish a reputation as a thought leader in your area

So Are You the Blogger We Are Looking For?

Whether you are an existing blogger or a blogger-to-be doesn’t matter. What matters is your passion for using technology in the classroom. If your area of interest is in digital content and online resources, then we’d love to hear what you have to say.

Here’s a quick list of ideas for topics that would be useful to our community:

  • Thoughts and opinions on the latest in educational technology
  • Lesson tips based around using multimedia – including video, audio, images, and interactive games and activities
  • Best practice in using digital content in regards to eSafety and copyright
  • Thought leader posts on the benefits of utilising technology in education

Get in touch now to find out more about this exciting opportunity to become a guest blogger for Global Grid for Learning.