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Revealing a ‘Prince’ at BETT 2011
January 13, 2011

When the princess kissed the frog in the fabled story it turned into a handsome price.

And at BETT 2011 we’ve done just that (figuratively, of course).

Frog is by no means a ‘frog’ in the sense of the old fairy tale. It is one of the leading learning platform providers for schools in the UK and is used in 38 international schools, across six countries.

Frog’s recently launched Widget Store provides an online gateway for teachers and students to access learning materials and resources provided by third-party applications. Now teachers and students can search across an extensive collection of high quality images, videos, interactive activities, animations and documents provided by GGfL.

The video below from Adrian Bantin at Frog provides a quick look at how the integration works close up.