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Whatever Happened to Global Citizenship?
September 28, 2010

Schools in the United Kingdom are currently under increasing pressure to create links with other agencies within, and beyond, their local community. This is summarised on the Specialist Schools and Academies’ Trust web site:

“The specialist schools programme has undergone its most significant change since 1997 with the publication of the latest DCSF guidance. Building on the 21st Century White Paper, the guidance stresses the importance of the outward facing school working in partnership with other institutions, the community and wider networks, to celebrate and develop excellent practice and to improve outcomes for all learners.”

Accordingly, The Holy Cross School, New Malden, Surrey, has been working with various local groups to support this innovation. These groups have included the NHS Kingston, Lambeth College, and Social Services groups. There are four recent projects which work at a local level, and a fifth which involves the sharing of cultural practice with a school in Taiwan. Links to detailed project outlines are given below.

Teacher-bloggers will recall “Citizenship” requirements being extended more widely to encourage international links, known as “Global Citizenship” (Or “World E-Citizenship if you know MirandaNet’s work.)  Then…………………..silence. Now, instead, the buzz words are “Community Cohesion”, required headings to secure much-needed Ofsted Brownie points, and the cause of yet another headache for Head Teachers.

The trick is to realise that these two concepts are partly the same thing. I say “partly” because “community cohesion” also includes much that we already do very effectively in multi-cultural schools – celebrating different religious events, like Divali; running lively Caribbean music evenings; engaging with local ethnic and cultural groups;  forging business links, and so on.

The community cohesion projects at Holy Cross also importantly includes aspects of  eLearning, health and personal safety, visual learning, global citizenship, as well as drawing together different groups in society, including a south London secondary school, an FE College, and various teams from the NHS, and Social Services.  And the school in Taiwan, of course.  Complex, but highly effective projects.  The aims and objectives for each participating group are given in the links below, followed by detailed case study notes.

No-one will copy these projects exactly, but the cross-agency working model that emerges is extremely successful, and is already attracting attention.

For an overview, see here

Or see the individual projects at:

Local/national level

Each of these projects involves the active inclusion of people with learning disabilities, at every stage of the process – the planning, the implementation, and the evaluation – i.e. they are projects created by, as well as for, vulnerable people in our community.

1.    Healthy Eating

2.    Keeping Safe

3.    Creating and Using Interactive Whiteboard Games

4.    Acquired Brain Injury Project

International level

This is a ground-breaking project through which a series of English lessons (and other subjects) were taught by the teacher in London to a class of 30 students in Taiwan, using a combination of email, video-conferencing, shared web sites, and shared interactive whiteboards as a “live” part of each lesson.  I was invited to give a paper about this project at the “Research Into Teaching With Interactive Technologies” international conference (RITWIT), at Cambridge University, June 2009.

5.    Combining IWB and video-conferencing equipment to support the teaching of English in Taiwan

Have a look.

Note: In my previous blog, I offered a hyperlink to my earlier international projects in drama, music, and the comparative role of women in society (in England and Japan). Once upon a time, these were called “Global Citizenship”.  They now also count, of course, as “Community Cohesion” projects…….

Do try and keep up with the ever-changing jargon, folks!