About Us

The Global Grid for Learning (GGfL) powered by EduTone simplifies the complex world of interoperability to create seamless teaching and learning experiences that save time, money and administrative headaches.

EduTone is a privately held Delaware Corporation headquartered in Alameda, California, with international presence in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Flexible Modular Solutions

We develop cutting-edge, easily customizable, enterprise-centric services dedicated to serving the needs of today’s educational institutions around the world. Our services are founded on 3 core components to ensure that they can be easily embedded in an institution’s teaching and learning environment:

  • Aggregation of the most widely used, free and commercial, digital education content, apps, courses and tools
  • Integration of our services within the most commonly used educational platforms and technologies to enable their seamless and secure use
  • Personalization of our services which can be customized, localized and personalized so that they meet the needs of teachers, students and curricula in countries worldwide.

As a result, our services are:

  • Cloud-hosted to optimize performance anywhere in the world
  • Tested to meet the very highest security standards
  • Enterprise-level
  • Multi-tenant
  • Device-agnostic: work on any mobile and personal device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Platform and operating system-agnostic (Android, Windows, ChromeOS or iOS)
  • White-label: easily customized for use by any institution or OEM partner worldwide

Product Portfolio

Our current portfolio of services – each available “as is” or on a customized, white label basis, singly or as a complete, integrated solution (which we call a “Grid for Learning”) – comprise:

  • Our Single Sign-On (SSO) Platform, a multiple award-winning Platform-as-a-Service technology that enables educational institutions to aggregate, manage and deliver all of their web-enabled applications, tools and content services to their end users by role, providing them with quick and seamless access from a single point-and-click widget on any device and operating system. With an ever growing library of over 250 SSO “Connectors” to the most widely used web-enabled educational services, our Platform is fast becoming the mobile learning solution of choice in education.
  • Our unique SSO Marketplace, a one-stop shop for web-enabled educational applications, content, courses and tools – both free and commercial, local and global – with in-built Single Sign-On, enabling educational institutions not only to try-before-they-buy as well as purchase services, but also to provision those services to any number of end user devices in minutes, and manage and monitor them virtually afterwards.
  • DataZone, our easily customizable, enterprise level ETL system to extract data from multiple applications, transform it to fit operational needs and load it into end target Operational Data Store (ODS) or data warehouse.
  • Our Digital Content Library, a content aggregation service featuring an integrated single search and retrieval tool which currently contains 2 million learning resources from over 50 global content providers (www.ggflondemand.com)
  • Our Teacher Community Portal (www.wetheteachers.com), a freely available Web 2.0 community portal for teachers which now boasts over 100,000 registered English-speaking members from 25 countries
  • Online School Stores, designed to enable any school to easily manage all school-related sales, payments and fundraisers through its own unique, branded web store, providing users and administrators with a simple and convenient experience.

The services have been unified into a new, community-led, multi-tenant, enterprise-centric, device-agnostic, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform called the Global Grid for Learning (aka The Grid) which will house customized regional, national and state-wide Grids. The Grid provides a service layer, which uniquely addresses the differing needs of each audience within the digital education ecosystem. Our solution enables personalized, anywhere, any time learning by providing seamless access to digital content, tools and applications from multiple providers via a single interface with inbuilt Single Sign-On. And it represents a high value, low cost, managed solution which is compatible and interoperable with commonly used educational software, platforms and devices, ensuring efficient and effective use of existing infrastructure investments and budgets.

Our global customer community includes a large presence in the English language speaking education markets of the USA, UK and Australia where we serve 2,000,000 students and 100,000 teachers in over 3,000 educational institutions.

Our current strategic technology partners include Intel, Google, Pearson and Microsoft.

EduTone is an ISV Partner for Pearson products including PowerSchool, and a recommended vendor partner for The Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) in the US.