GGfL Library

All Your Digital Content Needs in One Place

Finding high quality and copyright-cleared educational resources online is often time-consuming and overwhelming for teachers. But now it doesn’t have to be.

The GGfL Library offers educational institutions a safe and reliable way to search, stream and download over two million digital learning resources from an extensive and growing range of educational content providers. By providing educational institutions with a single source for multiple, trusted content providers, GGfL saves teachers valuable time in accessing high quality, copyright-cleared and educationally relevant resources.

Over Two Million Educational Resources

Students are increasingly becoming more media-savvy. So it’s important as a teacher to be able to engage them in the classroom and differentiate activities and lessons.

The GGfL Library provides a wide selection of high quality educational resources that help teachers to motivate, engage and inspire learners. These include:

Images, photos, illustrations and diagrams

Video clips and animations

interactive activities based on specific learner outcomes

Audio clips

Educational documents

Single Source for Over 50 Educational Content Providers

The GGfL Library represents one of the most comprehensive digital educational content collections in the world.

Currently over 50 content providers are available through GGfL, including best-of-breed providers such as Cambridge University Press, Intel Skoool, Corbis, Reuters and Bridgeman Education. We continuously work with content providers and publishers to help connect learning communities worldwide to a growing network of trusted sources of educational resources.

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