The Global Grid for Learning powered by EduTone simplifies the complex world of interoperability to create seamless teaching and learning experiences that save time, money (and administrative headaches).

Our modular, cloud-based educational ecosystem gives educators and students in institutions in a given classroom, school, district, region or country a single point of access to all of their web-based resources – via web browser or mobile app – on any personal or institution-owned internet-enabled device (Android, Windows or iOS computer, Chrome book, smartphone or tablet).

A regional Grid for Learning, available for free in its Standard Edition to any education organization within that specific region, features instant access to a region’s Open Educational Resources (OERs) – including thousands from our own Digital Content Library – through a central single sign-on (SSO) Passport and an SSO Marketplace to try, buy and instantly provision additional web-based resources for a school, district or state. Beyond our SSO Platform (branded EduTone XchangeTM), a typical Grid for Learning may also feature our Teacher Community, and, for small fees, educational institutions can take advantage of our DataZone to share user data across enterprise systems, add a Storefront to create their own branded online Store to manage fundraising activities, purchase individual SSO Connectors to enable access to existing web-based resources, or upgrade to the Premium Edition of their Grid via a local sales partner to take advantage of SSO to many popularly used educational services.

White label partners may also customize and resell our SSO Platform, our Teacher Community, our Library and/or School Stores for the educational institutions and/or regions they serve.

Benefits of the Global Grid for Learning Solution

  • Single source of educationally relevant digital content and software from multiple providers
  • A safe and reliable way for educational institutions, teachers and students to search and use high quality and relevant teaching and learning resources from trusted providers
  • Eliminates the often overwhelming, inappropriate and inaccurate nature of online search results
  • Wide selection of digital multimedia software that are classroom-safe and copyright-cleared
  • Compatible with commonly used educational software and technologies