Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Global Grid for Learning?

Multi-Publisher – Single Source

Global Grid for Learning (GGfL) acts as a single source for digital learning resources from a growing base of over 50 global content providers, meaning you save time, money and effort in working with only one source for a comprehensive range of digital content.

Engaging Multimedia Resources

GGfL provides a variety of resource types to encourage a truly dynamic approach to learning, including interactive activities, video clips, audio files, images, animations, and documents.

Copyright-Cleared and Classroom Safe

All of our learning resources are copyright-cleared for education so that teachers and students can use, edit and repurpose digital content in any way they like. And as we only source and select resources from trusted providers, you can always rely on GGfL for reliable, appropriate and relevant educational content.


GGfL strives on ensuring that our content is compatible with the most commonly used ICT software and infrastructure in education markets worldwide, including Interactive Whiteboards, Learning Platforms, Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), Portals and Content Authoring tools. In this way GGfL can enhance the value to other technologies in the classroom.

Intuitive Search and Retrieval System

GGfL learning resources can be searched by keyword, age range, subject, resource type, content provider and timeline, ensuring teachers and students find it quick and simple to find the resources they need.