• Seamless SSO access
    300+ RESOURCES
    Always accessible via web browser, mobile app and/or as a widget inside an institution’s
    portal or learning platform.
  • User-friendly
    Load information about your users, classroom groups and organizations
    through CSV files or sync with LDAP, Google Apps, Office 365, your LMS or SIS.
  • Monitor usage
    Track usage patterns of content and services by organization, role, group and individual
    user and manage utilization of all web-based subscriptions.



How to Get Started

If you are an IT admin or a designated administrator, click the button below and you can get started immediately to take advantage of the Premium Edition of the Global Grid for Learning with an unlimited number of users for your school, district, college, region or country and lots of great additional features!

Upgrading/Adding Connectors

Upgrading to the Premium Edition from the FREE Standard Edition and/or purchasing SSO Connectors a la carte beyond the number included in a given Edition is regularly available through local Resellers and White Label Partners and/or by contacting us directly.


Please select the Grid for Learning which you would like to sign up for or sign into

Each Grid for Learning can feature single sign-on access to all of the web-based content and resources you own, subscribe to, create or use for free. Grids for Learning are often customized with regional-specific paid and free (OER) resources to encourage easy access and use. If you don’t see a regional Grid for Learning for where you live, please sign up for the Global Grid for Learning us to learn more about bringing a regional Grid for Learning to your area.

Global Grid for Learning

Get started with single sign-on for your school, college or district no matter where you live.

Alabama Grid for Learning

All of the educational web-based resources Alabama teachers and students need, including OERs and subscriptions provided by the State of Alabama.

Seamless SSO access

Access any web-based resource. On any internet-enabled device. Anytime. Anywhere. Any reason not to?

The new Global Grid for Learning is an integrated, safe and highly customizable approach to single sign-on (SSO) for schools and colleges that creates seamless teaching and learning experiences that save time, money (and headaches).

With the Global Grid for Learning, educators and students in any given classroom, school, district, region or country now have a single secure point of access to any web-based resource – via web browser or mobile app – on any personal or institution-owned internet-enabled device whether they're at school, home or somewhere in-between.



Educators and students get access to all their OERs and web-based resources in one easy-to-organize place which they can customize further with bookmarks and folders. Always accessible via our portal or mobile app or as a widget inside an institution’s portal or learning platform.


Streamline new subscription trials and setup by allowing groups of educators and students to test drive new enterprise-wide cloud-based apps and services with SSO built-in. Easily purchase via credit card, preloaded “wallet,” crowd-funding campaign or an authorized reseller. Quickly provision services centrally for any relevant group of users.


Via our easy-to-use console, administrators can preconfigure, distribute, monitor and manage web-based resources for users. Migrate data in bulk, create multiple groups and define roles for users to provision services to. Securely automate identity data lifecycle management, improving web security and simplifying overall system administration.


Secure extraction of enterprise data from multiple systems (such as an SIS) to share it across other applications for storage or analysis. Keep track of data being ingested and conduct validation, statistical analysis and backup of data.

  • Core/Supplemental Content
  • Lesson Planning
  • Classroom Administration
  • Learning Management System
  • Content Management System
  • Student Assessment
  • Professional Development
  • Data Visualization
  • Online Courses
  • eBooks
  • Games
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Libraries
  • Presentations
  • PDFs
  • Office/Google Files


Three levels of Connectors provide 1) single sign-on (SSO) to web-based resources that require a login, 2) SSO plus provisioning of users and groups for apps or services that are role-based or 3) a Java ETL (Extract/Transfer/Load) tool that provides automated extraction/upload and download/insert of data between applications and platforms such as Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Some of the 300+ Services We Provide SSO For Include


ADMINISTRATION CONSOLE Preconfigure, distribute, monitor and manage web-based resources.Migrate data in bulk, create multiple groups and define roles for users to provision services to.
CSV END USER DATA FILE UPLOAD UTILITY Create user accounts “in bulk” through a CSV file upload. Data migration features allow Administrators to monitor and manage data input.
ACTIVE DIRECTORY/LDAP SYNCHRONIZATION Create user accounts “in bulk” through LDAP synchronization. Data migration features allow Administrators to monitor and manage data ingestions. Try & Buy
GOOGLE APPS & OFFICE365 AUTO SYNC Create user accounts in the system and third-party applications by synchronizing your Google Apps for Education & Office 365 applications. Try & Buy
SUBORGANIZATIONS & ORGANIZATIONAL HIERARCHY  Replicate your organizational hierarchy in the system by creating organizational accounts establishing hierarchical relationships. ✔ + Delegated Administration
✔ + Delegated Administration
USER GROUP CREATION & MANAGEMENT Create an infinite number of defined user groups(e.g. year, class or course) to make bulk provisioning more efficient. Manage and assign resources on a group and whole organization level. ✔ + Delegated Administration ✔ + Delegated Administration
ROLE-BASED PROVISIONING OF RESOURCES  Seamlessly provision any resource acquired through the Marketplace to defined groups of end users. Pre-Defined Roles (Students, Teachers, Staff, Parents) Unlimited Roles
Unlimited Roles
REPORTING MODULE & SSO ANALYTICS  Monitor usage patterns of the resources,including the generation of management and accounting reports that contain money-spending patterns by role, et al. Try & Buy
Optional: Partner API Integration
CUSTOM MOBILE PASSPORT SKIN DESIGN Customizable UI design (including logos and background colors) that can be automatically tailored to any third-party branding specifications (without any additional development). N/A
PASSPORT Optional API Integration within Partner Portal
UNLIMITED PERSONAL BOOKMARKS Users can customize their own Passport interface by creating bookmarks to any available resources within the system based on the parameters set up and specified by an Administrator.
UNLIMITED PERSONAL FOLDERS Users can customize their own Passport interface by creating their own folders based on the parameters set up and specified by an Administrator.
ORGANIZATIONAL BOOKMARKS Administrators can bookmark any freely available web resource and assign those bookmarks to users based on group, role or across the whole institution.
FREE OER APPS CATALOG Both Standard and Premium Editions contain a large number of Open Educational Resources (OERs) that can be acquired and distributed among end users at no cost.
CONSOLIDATED ACCESS TO REGIONAL OERS The Standard and Premium Editions feature a set of Connectors for regionally-focused Open Educational Resources (OERs) made available to end users at no cost.
SSO CONNECTORS (LEVEL 1) Access to any web-enabled resource your organization has a license for, leveraging a “bring your own license” (BYOL) approach, a “capture credentials” mechanism and OAuth 2 based Connectors. Up to 20 Free Connectors
Library of 250+ Connectors
Library of 250+ Connectors
PROVISIONING CONNECTORS (LEVEL 2) All of the above plus the ability to automatically in-bulk provision users by group or role. Try & Buy
GGFL OER + Strategic Partners’ Products + Up to 5 Free Connectors GGFL OER + Strategic Partners’ Products + Up to 5 Free Connectors
DAT INTEGRATION CONNECTORS (LEVEL 3) All of the above plus roster data extraction capabilities from an SIS for use with third party applications and to tailor users’ learning experiences. Buy Buy Optional: Partner API Integration
35,000 Assets Free + Upgrade for 2M+ Assets 35,000 Assets Free + Upgrade for 2M+ Assets White Label Partner’s Own Product(s) + OER
GGFL Community GGFL Community Partner + GGFL Communities
Buy Buy Buy
Web Only
Web & Phone
Web & Phone


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Teachers, Professors and Instructors

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Ministries/Departments of Education

Help us develop and promote customized regional Grids for Learning.

Together with NGOs and resellers, Ministries and Departments of Education can support the development and implementation of regional Grids for Learning customized to meet local needs (including regional OERs, popularly used web-based content and services, etc.)

Content/Service Providers

Add an SSO Connector for your business and/or products to be part of our the Marketplace. Marketplace resources can be featured worldwide or in any of 5 regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, MENA or APAC.


Promote a regional Grid and sell upgrades to the Premium Edition of that Grid in a given region(s), sell or upgrade users to the paid version of our Digital Content Library (with 2,000,000 assets)) and/or sell our School Stores.

White Label Partners

White label our SSO Platform (including your ability to customize the Marketplace), Digital Content Library, Teacher Community and/or School Stores for the institutions you serve.

Resellers and White Label Partners choose from flexible revenue sharing or referral fee options and comarketing opportunities.

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